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The Most Motivational Speakers

The Most Motivational Speakers: Motivational speakers can really help me out from time to time. When I’m in a bad mood or don’t have the motivation to do anything I’ll listen to some of the awesome stories they can tell. It really helps me to think fresh again and when I’m done listening I’m always motivated to the bone to take action and do epic shit!

As you may know I really love fitness, so many of the motivational videos I watch are fitness related (or just sport-related).

Some Motivational Speakers

ericthomasEric Thomas, really gained some exposure with this video: how bad do you want it? I really like his point of view on everything. “If you want to succeed as bad as you want to breath, then you will be successful”, that line describes everything. Don’t wish for things to happen, go make them happen! If you really give everything you got to accomplish something, you will achieve it.


arnoldschwarzenegger1Arnold Schwarzenegger, Many people see him as “just” the movie star, or bodybuilder. I don’t, I really think he’s an inspiring person. He achieved so much in his life: 6 times mr. Olympia, most recognized movie star and even became the governor of California. I don’t think that anybody comes close to him. There are many motivational videos of some of his speeches on youtube. Like his 6 rules to success speech, I maybe even think that that’s the best speech ever.


anthonyrobbinsTony Robbins, the “why” guy, why do you do what you do? You should really check this guy out, he has some good points.


willsmithWill Smith, “He who says he can and he who says he can’t, are both usually right”. That’s such a powerful sentence, I really love that one. He has many more great speeches, check them out.


I will add more

That’s it for now, I will add more in the future.

Who do you think are the most motivational speakers of this time? Please let me know in the section below!

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