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The High Protein Diet Plan by Mind is Everything

As you can read on my about me page I use this high protein diet plan because I want to achieve a low body fat percentage and a muscular body. In this post I’ll share my high protein diet plan and my thoughts behind it, you can also find facts about water in this article and why it is so important!

Weight loss vs. Fat Loss.

Burn fat with my high protein diet plan!I’ve followed this high protein diet plan for almost 4 months now and it works VERY well. The thing I wanted to avoid when I started this diet was that I would not lose any of my hard gained muscles, just fat.. Take a big note of the following sentence:

Besides of being a muscle building diet, this is a FAT BURNING diet plan, not a WEIGHT LOSS diet.

Personally I see weight loss as a negative thing, even if you are obese or whatever. Weight loss means you’ll lose weight (…), so you’ll also lose muscle! More muscles = more calories burned throughout the day, this is a FACT. So as I said, even if you’re obese, my opinion is that you should always follow a fat burning diet plan not a weight loss diet.

Low on Carbohydrates.

This high protein diet plan is based on the idea of a high protein and a low carbohydrate intake. Very short and stupidly explained: The protein will keep us gaining muscle and the low amount carbohydrates will force our body to burn fat. Next to that we are trying to avoid high amounts of calories. I consume roughly around 2200 calories a day, I burn way more calories than that so my body will search for an alternative energy source (fat), thus I’ll burn fat. The high amount of protein will keep my body from using my muscles as a energy source to burn and allows us to build muscle.

I know that many people are going to argue with me that this is not the way you should eat, I respect that, but this simply works for me. You’ll find out that this topic is a forever continuing discussion on the internet and that there are literally millions of different diet plans around.

I just try to keep it simple:

Burn more calories than I consume so that I’ll burn fat, but I want to keep on gaining muscle so I’ll consume a high amount of protein.

High Protein Diet Plan

08:00 [Meal 1]

  • 250gr low fat cottage cheese
  • 40gr oatmeal
  • 50ml Stevia yoghurt drink
  • 1 scoop whey isolate
  • Multi-vitamin

10:00 [Meal 2]

  • 2 pieces of low-carb bread
  • 1 banana

12:00 [Meal 3] WOARGH !! Will be working out in 30/45 minutes !!

  • 250gr low fat cottage cheese
  • 40gr oatmeal
  • 50ml Stevia yoghurt drink
  • pre-workout shake [BSN NO Explode or Muscle Pharm Assault](I usually take this 20 minutes before I eat meal 3)

14:00 [Meal 4] Done working out.

  • My post workout supplements  (Celltech and Anabolic Halo)

16:00 [Meal 5]

  • 2 pieces of low-carb bread 
  • Peanut butter

18:00 [Meal 6]

  • 200gr vegetables
  • 100 to 200gr chicken/beef/turkey (lean meat)

20:00 [meal 7]

  • 2 pieces of low-carb bread
  • Cheese 20+

22:00 [meal 8]

  • 250 gr low fat cottage cheese
  • 50ml Stevia yoghurt drink
  • 1 scoop whey isolate
  • 50gr blueberries

00:00 zZZZzzZZZZ

[box type="warning" size="medium" title="NOTE:" right_title="My Personal Workout Routines" right_description="Click here" url="http://mindiseverything.com/my-personal-workout-routines/" ]A weight training workout is needed with this high protein diet plan! First diagnose a doctor before following this diet, I’m not responsible for any health problems.[/box]

Become a fat burning machine and get muscular as @#$!!

You’re probably wondering why I have 50ml of yoghurt drink with my low fat cottage cheese.. The reason for this is that I mix everything, my breakfast ingredients are all mixed into a medium sized bowl. The yoghurt drink makes it much better to eat and only adds like 20kcal.

I also recently started with consuming 3 cups of green tea throughout the day. I’ll write an article about the benefits of green tea soon!

Like or share to unlock the download link for my diet plan in excel format, including all details. (amount of protein,fat,carbs etc.)

Facts About Water.

I haven’t mentioned water in this high protein diet plan but it is in fact a very important part!

Here are some facts about water and why you should drink enough water:

  • The facts about water why you should drink it!Water helps in weight loss.
  • Increase strength.
  • Drinking enough water actually prevents water retention (so when you’re taking creatine this is very important!).
  • Waters improves your muscle tone.
  • Decrease your appetite!
  • Drinking enough water leads to healthier skin.
  • Water can help in relieving fatigue.
  • No more headaches!
  • Water improves the immune system.
  • Water aids in digestion.
  • Water regulates body temperature.
  • Reduce muscle cramps.
  • And many, many more..

Water in our body:

  • The brain consists for 76% out of water
  • Our blood that transports nutrients is 82% water.
  • Lungs that provide us oxygen are 90% water.
  • Our muscles are 75% water
  • Bones are 25% (yes, even our bones).
  • And many, many more…

I hope you understand what I’m trying to say with this.

I personally  drink around 3+ liters of water each day, you should too!

I don’t drink as much water as Scooby here recommends but you should definitely take this video serious!


I can recommend this high protein diet plan to everyone that is doing fitness/bodybuilding and wants to be muscular lean. I hope you can use the information I just gave you in a positive manner and start making some gains!

You can leave a comment on this high protein diet plan in the section below
This diet isn’t optimized for me yet, and I think it will take a lot of time and self-knowledge before I get my “perfect” diet.
I’m a very open-minded person so please share your thoughts on this!

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