Mind is Everything

About Me

Mind is Everything.

Arno VI genuinely believe that everything is possible and that I don’t have any limits. I’m a guy that follows his feelings and when I have a goal I won’t stop until I’ve achieved it.

For some time I have the strong feeling that I should make a blog, so that’s EXACTLY what I’m going to do!(!). I know for a fact that I can make this blog a success and that I’ll have a blast creating it. I think I will learn a lot from this journey (that’s how I see it) and that it will help me in my future ventures.

So follow me in this journey and watch how I’ll be making this thing a huge success!

So what kind of blog are you talking about?

Glad you asked! :) !!
In short: I love life, I love fitness, I love making money (internet marketing) and I love food. That’s where I’m going to write about, I’m going to share my view on these subjects and hopefully learn you things you didn’t know yet. I hope this blog will open your eyes and that you will realize that you don’t have any limits and that you can do and achieve everything you want. NOTE: As long as you put your mind to it, mind is everything!

Most of the time I’ll be writing articles in a very loose and relaxed style (like this). Sometimes I’ll write relatively dry (boring) articles, this is for the simple reason that I also need traffic to my site!
I hear you thinking “hmm okay??”.
As I said, I love internet marketing, there’s money to be made! Now you can guess why I’ll be writing those articles.
But in general I’ll be writing about the things I love and nothing but that.

I love criticism (I love a lot of things as you may have noticed)! Please don’t hesitate to leave some comments or contact me personally, positive or negative. I’ll try to listen to this so that I can make this blog even better. P.S. I know that my english isn’t perfect..

Main subject.

Fitness is my biggest passion. I workout non-stop, 7 days a week, so this will logically be my main subject. In the past I’ve always been a skinny guy (ectomorph), I hated it! That’s why I started working out. Back then I was not that serious and started just with fitness once a week. Now 4 years later fitness is my life and I’ll go crazy if I miss a workout.

Because I was so skinny at first I wanted to gain as much weight as I could. I started eating lots of food and gained some good amount of weight, I was pretty much bulking all the time. But ± 6 months ago my mind changed pretty hard and I no longer wanted to be as big as possible, now I want to get shredded and eat healthy. Since those 6 months I’ve lost a lot of fat but I’m stronger than ever! I’ll share my thoughts on fitness and my personal fitness and diet plans on this blog, so stay tuned!

[colored_box color="blue"]I can fill this page with 10.000 more words but I think I should stop now. I hope I made my point a bit and that you know what you may expect on this site. If you have any questions, please ask them. As I said before: I know that this site will get huge, so remember the name! [/colored_box]